Race Against Malaria (RAM)


About RAM

Race Against Malaria (RAM) is a non-profit entity led by Marc Fulmer. RAM’s mission is to provide funding for research and treatment of malaria in Africa.  



To raise awareness of the malaria epidemic and support innovative programs to eradicate the disease.


Through the targeted support of innovative and effective programs, malaria incidence and mortality rates are dramatically reduced, funding for replication on a broad scale is made available and Uganda becomes malaria free. Having proven the interventions, they are used effectively throughout east Africa and worldwide.

LightSpeed Promotional Tour and Race


In 2020, Lightspeed Productions, Inc. will sail two race-prepared Lightspeed ferries across the Atlantic from London to New York to break the current trans-Atlantic speed record. In conjunction with LightSpeed Productions and the New Canaan Society, RAM will tour the two race boats, built in Everett Washington, on a twenty-city tour from the West coast to Boston through the Panama Canal.  A portion of funds raised in the race and the twenty-city promotional tour will be used for research, prevention, and treatment of Malaria in Africa. 

Help RAM Fight Malaria

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