Rob Smith, CEO & Founder, LightSpeed Productions


About Rob

  Rob Smith, raised in Zambia and South Africa, is the CEO of EarthWise Ferries International, Inc. and Thain Boatworks, Inc. The primary focus of EarthWise is the creation of jobs and economic life by restoring water transportation in poor areas of the world, with a focus in East and West Africa. Rob and his team have produced and deployed two ferries on Lake Victoria. He has over twenty years of experience as a general contractor and fifteen years of manufacturing experience. 

In addition to his impressive list of accomplishments, those who know Rob know him to be to be a kind, caring man who is passionately committed to God, his family, his friends, his community and to Africa. Rob is a natural leader whose gifts include both the skills to lead a company and a spirit of adventure which motivates those who work with Rob to strive for excellence. Rob's personality turns serious, however, when the topic is assisting those in need. This dedication to the mission can be seen when Rob addresses the issue of healthcare in Africa. 

Rob knows the impact of poverty and disease on those in need and the toll it takes on Africa, especially the children. Rob's experiences have led Rob to spearhead the "Race Against Malaria" nonprofit initiative to help to control the killing disease of Malaria, which takes the lives of thousands of African Children a day. Blending his passion for building state-of-the-art boats with his desire to leave a lasting impact on the lives of those in need in Africa, has led Rob to become one of the unique entrepreneurs in business today.