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The LightSpeed Story

LightSpeed Productions Inc. is a builder of high-speed ferries designed to serve the coastal waterways.   LightSpeed ferries offer passengers fuel-efficient boats built to the highest of safety standards and with comfort and affordability in mind. 

LightSpeed Productions, Inc., is a product of a partnership between Thain Boats, Inc. and Earthwise Ventures, Inc. Thain Boats, established in 2005, is a builder of pleasure craft, houseboats, and ferries. Thain Boats developed the “Ferry-in-a-Box” concept which allows for the assembly of ferryboats for use on inland waterways in Africa. Two Thain ferries are currently in operation in conjunction with Earthwise Ventures on Lake Victoria. 

LightSpeed Productions is preparing to begin the construction of two flagship LightSpeed race boats in Everett, Washington for a twenty-city east and west coast promotional tour in 2020 to be followed by an attempt to break the trans-Atlantic speed record for a boat crossing from London to New York. 

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